What is ‘Equity valuation’, what is the connection of investors?


We want to buy any item at a reasonable price. The same thing applies in the case of shares and securities. Actually, the main objective of ‘equity valuation’ is to estimate the true value of a company or its securities. The valuation of the stock can be done by finding out the basics of how a company conducts

How can title insurance help Home Buyers?


It has been almost a year since the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016 (RERA) came into force. It has not benefited much in the last year. But, a good thing has happened. It has started RERA Title insurance. It is now necessary to purchase title insurance for all new and under construction properties registered in RERA. Will this

What are index funds, should you invest?


There are many types of funds in the mutual fund market. Everyone has their own strengths. By knowing about these funds, you can choose the right fund according to your needs. Today we are telling you about index funds. What are index funds? The meaning of the name of an index fund is quite clear. Such funds invest in

What is Marine Insurance and its Types: All you need to know

marine Insurance

What is Marine insurance: You must have heard about insurance. Perhaps you have taken some policy or are thinking of taking it. I have also written an article about insurance, where you will get all the basic information related to insurance. But today I am going to tell you about an insurance policy that you

Insurance: Importance, Types, and Benefits


Insurance is a word that you must have heard before. Because nowadays, everyone insures his or her favorite things. Ranging from petty shopkeepers, businessmen, Job Persons e.t.c But there are people who do not understand insurance properly and get confused and never take it. So today I’ll be giving you the basic knowledge about insurance